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Congratulations to all our lucky winners!

SLEEPNIGHT Lifestyle Mattress is proud to be the 1st bedding brand to be awarded as one of the Promising Brands for Singapore Prestige Brand Award 2017. It is a milestone achievement for SLEEPNIGHT. This award implies the hardwork and commitment of the brand to raise the standards of the bedding industry to a new level. The rising SLEEPNIGHT brand strives to raise customer service standards, embrace innovation, be transparent and acquire industry talents to expand its brand reach.

Today, SLEEPNIGHT continues to acquire the latest technology like the patented PLASSPRING system, provide value-added mattress cleaning services. SLEEPNIGHT also believes in using environmental friendly materials for its products such as 100% organic natural latex. SLEEPNIGHT is artistically designed and technologically created. The team is inspired and determined to make SLEEPNIGHT Lifestyle Mattress consumers’ first choice.

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