SleepFreshz Terms and Conditions

SleepFreshz Mattress Cleaning Service Terms and Conditions & Disclaimers

  1. SleepFreshz is a mattress cleaning service provided by SLEEPNIGHT Lifestyle Mattress, and are done by authorized trained personnel from Sommeil Terre Pte Ltd.
  2. SleepFreshz uses the advanced clutch activated mattress cleaning, UV sanitizing and allergen removal machine.
  3. This service can be sold as a standalone deal, or given as a complimentary voucher with the purchase of selected SLEEPNIGHT mattresses or packages.
  4. Customers are to email their details to within 1 months upon receiving their mattress to have the SleepFreshz voucher mailed to them. Complimentary cleaning service vouchers will not be given if redemption is done more than 1 month after mattress’ delivery date.
  5. The complimentary SleepFreshz cleaning voucher is valid for 8 months from mattress’ date of delivery.
  6. If two complimentary cleaning vouchers are given, the second voucher will have an expiry date of 16 months from date of delivery, and so on.
  7. For purchased SleepFreshz cleaning service package, they will have an expiry date of 2 years from date of purchase.
  8. All complimentary SleepFreshz cleaning service given to customers will be default of cleaning service package 1 (up to 3 mattresses) for single trip usage only.
  9. Any cleaning package upgrade as per requested by customer will be subjected to fees basing on the difference between selected package and given cleaning package 1. The top up is subjected to GST.
  10. Each SleepFreshz cleaning service voucher or purchased cleaning package will be entitled to cleaning services at a single location with one pre-arranged date only.
  11. The maximum number of mattress to be cleaned will be based on the cleaning service package bought or provided. Any request to clean more mattresses than the entitled will be subjected to charges according to the service package fee.
  12. Any request from customer to perform mattress cleaning at different locations is not allowed, and customer will require to purchase new cleaning package for another location.
  13. For customers who has multiple delivery locations under same invoice, and were given the complimentary SleepFreshz cleaning service, there will be an additional $50 + GST for every different location.
  14. Valid SleepFreshz vouchers are to be presented and handed over to Sommeil Terre service personnel during visit. Any lost vouchers will not be replaced and charges are applicable.
  15. Transfer of SleepFreshz vouchers to another party is strictly not allowed for complimentary package, unless vouchers are purchased by customers.
  16. SleepFreshz cleaning service is applicable for other mattress brands as long as it is a valid voucher and meets all required terms and conditions. Cost for purchased SleepFreshz voucher is higher for non-SLEEPNIGHT mattress brands.
  17. Each cleaning service will take up to 1.5 hour at single location, depending on the number of mattresses to be cleaned.
  18. All complimentary and purchased SleepFreshz mattress cleaning services are solely by appointment basis. Customers are to call 61000252 or email at least 7 days in advance to make an appointment. Dates are subjected to availability.
  19. Cleaning services are provided from Monday to Friday only, between 10am to 5pm. This is strictly for complimentary packages. Purchased cleaning service is entitled to additional selection on Saturday, between 10am to 5pm.
  20. Payment for standalone SleepFreshz cleaning service purchase is to be fully paid before our service personnel visits customer.
  21. SleepFreshz mattress cleaning service does not deal with bed bugs and is not a pest control.
  22. SleepFreshz mattress cleaning service will not be able to remove stains, and our service personnel reserved the rights to reject servicing for mattresses with very bad conditions or conditions that may pose health risk to the service personnel.
  23. For any dispute or damage as a result of the cleaning service, if any, the compensation from Sommeil Terre Pte Ltd will not exceed the value of the determined package price regardless of the extent of damage.
  24. All terms and conditions, and disclaimers will be published on SLEEPNIGHT website, and Sommeil Terre Pte Ltd reserves the rights to amend or update the terms and conditions, disclaimers without prior notice.

Updated: 3 July 2016

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