Organic Natural Latex Pillow

SLEEPNIGHT launches its new range of premium 100% organic natural latex pillows. We care about the environment that we live in, so organic is the right choice for us. Using organic natural latex product is eco-friendly and encourages people to be thoughtful about using precious resources in a sustainable way.

Organic natural latex pillows are pure latex extracted from eco-harvested latex trees with no toxic chemicals or fillers. So one can be assured that it’s safe, comfortable and guilt-free sleeping on it. They are considered as the purest and highest quality latex pillows in the market.

They are naturally elastic so they provide good support and firmness, as the material does not pack down as quickly as other types of pillows. Latex pillows are one of the better pillows to provide neck support and good alignment of the neck and spine, as it is both cushioning and supportive, which makes it extremely comfortable to sleep on.

It comes in 5 different favours – Standard Air Flow, Green Tea, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Bamboo Charcoal

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