Singapore Largest Mattress

SLEEPNIGHT has set a new Singapore Book of Record on 11th July 2015 for the largest mattress manufactured. Measuring 310cm by 260cm by 47cm, which is almost 2.3 times bigger than a standard King Size mattress, it weighs 158kg and will be available for sale at $18,888. This attempt was in conjunction with SG50 celebration and Singapore largest home show 2015. It is significant as it showcases the determination, innovation and technology of the company.

“It is a privilege to enter the Singapore Book of Records for the largest mattress manufactured. Innovation and quality has always been at the core of SLEEPNIGHT. With our well-established global experience and research, we are able to develop and manufacture mattresses to the required specification and suitability for various sleeping pattern groups. This provides quality sleep for our customers and achieve the optimal health benefits to enjoy their individual lifestyles,” said Mr Jason Ng, Managing Director from SLEEPNIGHT.

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