SleepFreshz Cleaning Service

A service offered by SLEEPNIGHT to give our customers a peace of mind with its mattress care programme.

Dust mites are known microorganisms that look like ticks and spiders. These bacteria are found in pillows and mattresses. They are not predominant in dry areas but worst when exposed to humid environment. Dust mites are busy gnawing on human’s dead skin, and their feces feed fungi that are increasing in mattress. There are millions of bacteria and dust mites thriving on mattress, and other bedclothes like sheets, pillows, towels, including the clothes you wear.

Dust mites typically feed on shed human and pet skin cells. People then can experience asthma or certain allergies on skin. Bacteria can cause difficulty of breathing, watery eyes, sinus problems, irritated skin, and others. In fact, there are millions of people around the world who experience dust mite allergies. Bacteria multiply in pillows and mattress through your face, saliva, breath, skin and hair.

Thus, for a safer bed to sleep on, mattress cleaning is important. If you have not sanitized hygienically your mattress, then you are being eaten up unconsciously by millions of dust mites. Your healthy sleep will be improved once the mattress is cleaned and sanitised. Call or write to us to find out more.

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